Baby Pink Has Arrived

Baby Pink


Firstly my thanks to El for the name Baby Pink.  I was wondering what I should refer to my daughter as on this blog. Initials seem so impersonal. Much as I am thrusting her into the public eye, albeit a very small one at present, with time I hope it will grow further. I’ve merchandise planned, sponsorship and of course the holy grail of blogging, Guest Blogs. All of which I would hope to do, yet still grant her anonymity until such time as she chooses to go public, or not as the case may be. Ironic I know, every movement, gurgle, tantrum, etc will be scrutinized and the words “That will make a great post” uttered subconsciously.  Yet I want to remain anonymous and in doing so her as well. How to do this and still  have a recurring name to use was  a problem I had wrestled with, until El wrote Baby Pink in the comments on a post. A light sparked and Baby Pink was born.

So here she is, the tiny, helpless little girl, who had a grown man quaking in his boots at the thought of her arrival.


Baby Pink

Beautiful isn’t she. But then I am biased.

How anything so small and beautiful, could cause so much anguish and sleepless nights is a wonder. But she did.

That moment I looked into her tiny eyes, as she gurgled and blinked. I knew she was going to break hearts. She already has Mine! There is a cheeky glint and a sparkle that I know can only mean one thing trouble with a capital T.

Well it is late now, so  I will say goodnight and fall  asleep happy and contented, knowing that she is  safe and being cared for by her Mammy and the wonderful  staff in St. Lukes Hospital Kilkenny.

I intend to make the most of it.  She is going to give me sleepless nights, that’s for sure.

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