I’ve been Roadtesting the Award Winning Decadent Decaf

I was given some award winning Decadent Decaf coffee free in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Decadent Decaf Swiss Water Coffee range.

My giveaway to win some award winning Decadent Decaf coffee has just ended. Naturally I wouldn’t give something away without trailing it first.

When I get asked to review most products I get all excited like a little child. This is because most of the products I get asked to review are ones that I would use or are something the kids would like. When Decadent Decaf asked me to run a giveaway and review their award winning coffee range I was a bit sceptical. Everyone knows decaf just isn’t coffee!

First Impressions

There are some smells that transport you to another time and place. For me coffee is one of them. As a small child the first smell that would greet me when I woke was of a freshly brewed pot of coffee. It was all my Dad drank. I longed for the day when I could taste it for myself.

When I opened the first bag of Decadent Decaf the smell was amazing! Rich and inviting. I must admit I was itching to try some.

Taste Test

No matter how good something smells it’s all about the taste right! Well I have to admit it tastes delicious. Full of flavour and aromatic. The people at Decadent Decaf weren’t joking when they said the Swiss Water method removed 99.9% of the caffeine without chemicals therefore not affecting the taste.

Blind Tasting

It’s all well and good tasting something knowing full well what is is your tasting. The real proof is to taste it unawares. To do this I devised two simple tests.

Test 1

Normally the good wife is first up and goes downstairs to make the tea and coffee. I told her to use whichever coffee she wanted to make for me without telling me.

Not ONE morning could I tell if it was a Decadent Decaf or a caffeinated coffee!

Test 2

When visitors popped in and were offered coffee I’d make a Decadent Decaf without telling them. Only as they were leaving, saying how nice the coffee was, would I tell them it’s a decaf! Most of their answers aren’t suitable to be printed here. Suffice to say. They were all amazed that such a great tasting coffee was decaffeinated.


Overall this decadent decaf is a winner. It can’t be faulted in taste, there are different flavours to try, my personal favourite is the Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling. I have to say I’m so taken by these decaf coffees that I now only drink them after 2pm. I’m not quite ready to give up my caffeine fully but getting to sleep is a lot easier.

You can order your own Decadent Decaf by clicking this affiliate link. This won’t affect the price you pay but I receive a small payment to help feed my coffee addiction!

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