An Epic Journey

For those of you who don’t know my adopted parents and sister live in North Carolina, USA.

This means that they have met the boys three times, and Little Miss OMG not at all. 

Well this is about to change. 

We’ve booked tickets to go to the States in June. Yes you read that right the OMGs are heading Stateside! If it wasn’t bad enough that Trump is the next POTUS, they’ve also granted us access! No trip to the US would be complete without popping to Florida to visit Mickey Mouse and all the other wonders that Orlando has to offer.

photo credit: the spexyliciousness Day 362/366: The Happiest Place on Earth. via photopin (license)

So what started as a trip to visit family is fast turning into an adventure of epic proportions.

Just getting there is going to be fun!

17 hours, 3 countries, 4 airports and 6 timezones. All with one teen, two kids and a toddler. Plus all the luggage and parenaphalia that goes with them.

After this epic journey there is no time for rest, two days in Orlando being thrilled, amazed,excited and terrified all at the same time. That’s just because I’m driving on the wrong side of the road! Then it’s time to head off and meet the grandparent’s. That’ll be a fun drive!

After fun and frolics with them it’s back to Orlando for a couple more days of thrill seeking, before another epic 3 flight journey home, on the red eye!

Any tips from any seasoned travellers?

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