After the Birth

After being featured on the lovely Kellie’s Birth Stories feature on her blog My Little Babog it reminded me of what happened in the moments after Buddy’s Birth. (Which I WAS there for!)

As I sat there Buddy cradled in my arms wrapped in a blanket giving him his first bottle, the midwife popped her head round the door and said “You can dress him now”

Buddy before I dressed him!

“OK” I replied and looked for the bag. It shouldn’t have been hard to find, a big blue suitcase should stand out in the clinical setting of the labour ward.
Yes that’s right I’d left the hospital bag in the car!

Mrs OMG was not so out of it by this stage so she was allowed to continue feeding Buddy whilst I went to the car.

Of course the only parking space I could find when parking was miles away and I’d left my coat inside. It was bloody freezing. I had nipples like Range Rover wheel nuts by the time I got back with the bag. I just prayed there was no one waiting for the lift. I didn’t fancy lugging the damn case up 3 flights of stairs.

Lift was empty. There is a God I thought to myself.

Safely back in the labour room and I began the task of dressing Buddy.

Now before I continue can I just point out this was probably the first newborn baby I had ever come into contact with, and most definitely the first I had dressed.

After a small discussion over which outfit he was going to wear. Yes I know it’s not like we were going on the balcony for a press call with him. Still I’d picked out clothes and Mrs OMG had picked out clothes so it was a serious matter.

Eventually we agreed on a Next Winnie the Pooh vest and a Plain White baby grow. Well I say agreed. I was dressing him and she couldn’t stand so couldn’t do anything about it! These were the first clothes to hand!

I’m sure if you’re reading this you have children and have dressed them from birth. They are small and tiny and fragile, well not really, they are strong little feckers. Did I mention they were small!

Luckily the midwife had a nappy on him otherwise I dread to think what would have happened!

Anyway I carefully took Buddy from Mrs OMG like he was made of glass and put him on the changing mat. I think my hands might have been a bit cold, because he screamed the place down.

I took the vest, worked out which was front and back and put it over his head. Easy I thought. Ha ha how wrong was I! I took his tiny hand and gingerly lifted it up to put it in the sleeve. Buddy wasn’t too keen on this preferring to stay naked! After a small struggle, I didn’t want to hurt him, or god forbid break his arm. Yes I’m that strong! Not. I didn’t know babies weren’t made of porcelain did I.

By this point he was blue with cold. I was sweating with concentration and the knowledge two sets of eyes were burning holes in my back. 

Thankfully for his sake the midwife took over and 30 seconds later he was dressed and back under the heat lamp to warm up again!

Buddy after I dressed him.

So new Dad’s my tips for the labour ward are simple!
Don’t forget the bag!

Do decide on the first outfit before leaving!

Do practice (on a doll if no real baby available) dressing a baby. Those snaps on a vest are hard enough when the baby isn’t moving! Impossible when they don’t want to be dressed!

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