About Me

Born to Irish parents in England some 43 years ago. I was abandoned and went into an Orphanage. Adopted by Americans and then off to an all boys boarding school in Gloucestershire. 

After many years trying to fit in I ended up travelling to Ireland to meet my birth mother and half brothers and sister. 

It wasn’t the fairytale ending I’d fantasised about for years. 

It did lead to me meeting my partner and her two boys. 

10 years ago I became the happiest man alive, when Buddy was born. 

At this time Stepson number 2 was diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia and tics. I left my job as a Supervisor at one of the biggest Bookmakers to become his fulltime carer. 

Then three years ago, in what can only be described as a moment of madness we decided to have one more.  At the time I wasn’t bothered if it was a boy or girl. 

The more people said “Bet you’d love a little girl” “Wouldn’t a daughter be nice” The more I wanted a boy. I know boys. I was one after all. I see teenage girls down the town, on Facebook and at friends houses and the thought of one of my own terrified me. 

I’ve realised in the last three years that girls aren’t so different to bring up as boys. Little Miss OMG is certainly a different child to raise, but then again every chd is different aren’t they.

So there’s the family. I’ll also be giving my take on fashion for the over 40’s man, food, days out and travel and there’ll be lots of coffee as that’s what fuels most parents isn’t it.