A Sunday Photo 21

mysundayphotoJust lately I’ve not been as regular with the Sunday Photo posts. A mix of Little Miss OMG being more choosy about appearing in photos and my Xperia not taking the best landscape shots. I quite like this shot of our local river.

The river through Mountrath disappearing into the horizon.

Little Miss OMG and I often visit our local park. This river flows behind it. After we’ve played on the swings and slides we head for a stroll.

This shot was taken from the middle of the river on the stepping stones.

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out as it was a point and shoot halfway across.

The length of the river is only a few hundred metres at this point. It looks like goes for miles.

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13 thoughts on “A Sunday Photo 21”

  1. You deserve a medal for balancing on stepping stones alone, color me impressed. Beautiful reflection and I don’t know how to say it, length? Very cool.

  2. Hi Alan, it looks a lovely place for exploring with the family. I had wondered if you were standing in the water as it does look a little chilly.



  3. It is a lovely little spot. The other way is a small nature reserve with wild flowers that’s great for wandering through.

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