A New Direction – Not One Direction!

So here we are 3 years and 199 posts later! Who’d have thought when I took up my phone and wrote that first post I’d manage 50 posts never mind 200!

When I first stuck my flag into this piece of the internet and claimed it for my own. It was because I’d just said those words Oh My God it’s a Girl! For the first time after a scan.

I’d imagined years of humorous anecdotes centered around the challenges of raising a girl in a house of boys.

Well three years later I’ve discovered that raising a girl isn’t so different than boys! Well there are differences but they aren’t so funny. Gender Stereotypes, the Gender Pay Gap etc.

Although I enjoy writing about these topics and it’s important we keep highlighting them until we no longer have to. I’ve reached the decision that I’d like this blog to be more about what I’m interested in!

So from now on there will be three main themes.


This will be where I cover the trials and tribulations of raising children and stepchildren. Family days out and parenting. All with a bit of humour thrown in. Who can forget If It Looks Like Chocolate!


Here you’ll find what I’m interested in. Travel, tech, photography, gaming (if I can ever get the controls away from the boys!) and anything else that springs to mind.


This is the bit I’m most excited about. In 5th year at school I had my heart set on being a chef. I even applied to do a catering course at Cheltenham College, but was too young. After leaving school the closest I got to being a chef was working in Sbarro on the M40 services. I do however love baking and cooking. So there will be plenty of cookery related posts coming your way. Like this Rocky Road recipe.

Thanks for reading over the last 3 years and hopefully I’ll still be here rambling on.

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