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I was sitting here watching Little Miss OMG sleep and writing a post about Education. (I know a rather meaty topic for me!) When a Twitter notification popped up and I clicked it. After the RT was done I was automatically taken to my Timeline where I saw a Tweet taking me to this link by Daily Edge

I normally stay away from response posts and jumping on popular bandwagons preferring to do my own thing.  BUT in this instance I feel suitably qualified. Since Little Miss OMG arrived with her pink clothes, Frozen pj’s and hair clips I’ve taken an obsessive interest in gender stereotyping, I even wrote a post.

The media, which lets face it, in this day and age is constant. TV, radio, music and Magazines not forgetting the interweb is in our faces 24 hours a day. 

At least the message they give is consistent if nothing else! Girls should wear make up be into fashion and worry about what boys think about them! Yet boys can think about their future, Astronaut, Artist, Firefighter or Chef.

Image Olivia Ratliff twitter.

Nonsense this is the 21st centuary.As well as the in your face marketing, the constant make up and weight loss adverts there is the subliminal message. When talking about female achievements it is always prefaced with gender. She is one of the greatest female tennis players ever. Do we say Pete Sampras was one of the greatest male tennis players ever? Of course not! By adding the word female we are saying she is only the greatest in that category. There are many female sports stars who are just as good if not better than some of their male counterparts.
The messages are so strong and constant that even with a strong female role model in the house or family that by the time they finish primary school most girls have, in the main, been brainwashed into this mindset. If they haven’t then secondary school will do it or they will be classed as nerdy or uncool.

I want Little Miss OMG to grow up to be what she wants, be it a computer programmer, hairdresser, sports star, actress, scientist or anything else she wants.

Short of forming my own cult and shutting off all access to the outside world I’m at a loss as to how this can be done!

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