A Cautionary Tale

Yesterday teen 2 had his Badminton finals day up in County Kildare. A quick pop to the shop for supplies and we were on our way home.

We were most of the way home when I noticed that there was a car in front driving slower and with its hazard warning lights on. It looked like the rear passenger wheel had no tyre on it.

As it went round a roundabout the tyre left the wheel and rolled into a disused petrol station. Amazingly the car carried on!

I have to admit that my partner and I did have a little giggle. Only a small one. The safety concerns outweighed any humour. The car could have tipped, the tyre could have rolled under our car causing anything to happen. Once the ongoing traffic had cleared and the dotted white lines appeared I passed her out.

It was then I noticed that the driver was a young girl in her early 20’s. I said to the other half I was going to pull in and see if she wanted me to change her wheel.

Now if I’d been travelling on my own I probably wouldn’t have. The fact I had a car full of kids and the Mrs with me meant I felt I could stop and wouldn’t frighten the life out of her.

Anyway I changed the wheel and went back on my merry way, leaving her to complete her journey safely.

It did make me think though. Why didn’t she pull over? It was a good five miles at least to the town she said she was going to. Was it the fear of stopping on the side of the road alone? Was it that she didn’t know how to change the wheel? That she felt she wouldn’t be able to?

I know for a fact I will be showing Little Miss OMG how to change a wheel and ensuring she has all the required tools in the car to allow her to do so quickly at the side of the road.

Would you have stopped? Could your daughter change her cars wheels on her own if she had to?

photo credit: Tone.64 Hisss via photopin(license)

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