A Bloggers Letter to Santa

Dear Santa

I’ve been a very good blogger this year. I’ve written a few posts tagging other bloggers and giving them backlinks. Like these ones here, here, here and here!


I’ve shared loads of posts from some wonderful bloggers across my social media. Like those ones below.

Conversations With My Mum by the shamazing Emma at Island Living 365

Chrochet Snowman Pattern by the lovely Tracey at Hooks and Dragons

Elf on the Shelf by the wonderful Geraldine at Over Heavens HilI

I regularly interact with other bloggers on Instagram,Twitter,and Facebook as well as submitting posts to Stumble Upon. I try to share small businesses products as well. Like the awesome handmade candles by Purity Belle

I’ve guest posted for some great bloggers, maybe slightly mad if they let me loose on their blogs! Vicky at Single Mother Ahoy published this post of mine.

The boys at Blended Parent put this one on their site, and the media personality that is The Stented Papa kindly let me take part in his He Says / She Says series. Read the post here.

Therefore I’ve a few small things I’d like to ask for.

The wonderful Becky at Cuddle Fairy has been showcasing the amazing Sony XZ1 mobile phone. Due to Little Miss OMG taking offence to my cheap Chinese phone and throwing it downstairs. I’m in desperate need of a new one.

Photo credit Cuddle Fairy

I’d love to go self hosted and have my pown little corner of the tinterweb that is all mine.

Of course everyone wants their blog to look the best, so a little set of blog header, social media headers, a YouTube intro and a fancy logo would be super.

Thanks for reading.


p.s Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer a bottle of Budweiser this year instead of milk?




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