5 Reasons to have a Fourth child.

When we announced the impending arrival of our Fourth child the responses we got ranged from “Are you mad” “Have you not heard of condoms” to “Fair play to you, I couldn’t do it”

So I thought I’d share some reasons you might not have thought of when making the decision to go from three to four.

1. Saloons are overrated!

Yes nothing says sexy like rocking up anywhere in a 7 seater. The back full of snot nosed kids, throwing Watsits and football boots at each other!

Not to mention the admiring looks you will get from scantily dressed young ones when you are stopped at traffic lights in the Big Smoke on a hot summers day, windows down, kids in tow and One Direction blaring out the CD player!

Let’s face it there is not a Seven Seater on the planet that looks cool! Even George Clooney couldn’t make one look good.

Vauxhall Zafira. Sexy! NOT!

2 Who Needs 10 Minutes of Me Time? 

With three kids you are already aware of just how much time the little people in your life need. From cooking, cleaning up after them, to homework and taxi duties. Not to mention that all important one on one time.

This leaves about 10 minutes alone with your significant other before the two of you fall into exhaustion induced sleep.

What can you do with ten minutes anyway? Have a fourth child and you don’t need to worry about what to do with your free time. That’s if you can find the time and energy to make a 4th!

Three becomes Four!

3 Who wants to stay in a hotel anyway?

Yes I know you’ve just spent years mastering the art of being able to afford to go out foreign together.

Have found the few hotels and travel companies that have family rooms so you can all stay together. Have a second mortgage so you can afford to pay the extra cost of sitting together on the plane, but where’s the fun in that?

Staying in a caravan on a holiday park is much more fun. After all there are kids clubs, bunk beds and you can bring your seven seater with you!

Flying is so last year. What’s the point of a seven seater if you can’t take it to another country, where they can marvel at the zoo you created in the back seats squabbling.

Look at all that space.

4 You don’t need your own phone.

We are all aware that this modern world is run on laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Your children are probably all old enough to own at least one of these by now. Leaving you with sole possession of your own phone again.

Having a fourth child will give you a small person who will take your phone at every opportunity and launch it across the room, car, shopping centre, etc at every opportunity.

Never mind the endless tantrums to watch that infernal Pig on YouTube on every screen available!

Smashed Phone Screens

5. You can never spend enough time at the Doctor’s.

With a fourth child you will become a permanent resident in Dr’s and A&E waiting rooms.

Between sports injuries, accidents and just general sickness you will become a feature in Dr’s waiting rooms. Any disposable income will be spent on prescriptions, inhalers, anti histamines and Calpol.

That’s without the endless trips to A&E for suspected broken bones from boys acting the monkey and playing WWE.

As well as all those trips for vaccinations and developmental check ups.

Another Hospital Visit!

So there we have it 5 reasons you should use that 10 minutes free time to bring a fourth child into your happy home.

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