5 Reasons I Hate British Summer Time

I used to love Summer as a young boy. More hours of sunshine, well daylight at least, meant more hours out playing football. Not having to strain my eyes when reading in bed after lights out. 

Since becoming a Dad though I’ve started to hate the longer days. Here are my top 5 reasons.

  1. It’s still light at bedtime! We’ve all had it. That bedtime whine. “But it’s still light outside it can’t be bedtime!” Bad enough on school nights, wait till the holidays and then there’s an added. “But we’ve no school tomorrow. Why do we have to go to bed so early!”
  2. It’s light at stupid o’clock in the morning. Now don’t get me wrong I loathe the cold, wet, dark winter mornings. Nowhere near as much as the cry of “It’s morning!” At 4 am! We all know toddlers are experts at listening to reason from their parents. Not! It’s OK for them. Come 10 am they can lie down for a wee nap! These mornings always follow a late night where one of the kids didn’t go to sleep till late, because of number 1!
  3. There’s always one kid roaming till all hours. Which leads to cries of “Why do I have to come in. Johnny is still out!” Yes I’ve turned into my mother and answer this with. “Johnny isn’t my responsibility!” 
  4. The Ice Cream Van. My loathing for Mr Whippy got a whole post of its own. You  an read it here. Too lazy to read it? Here’s the abridged version. He turns up at three times. When dinner is on the table, bedtime or just after Little Miss OMG has gotten  out the bath!
  5. Having to work out the proper time. My car is one of those that you need a degree to change the clock in. So it just gets left. This means I have to add an hour until the clocks “fall back” Then I spend three weeks still adding an hour when I don’t need to.

So there you have it. Some reasons I hate BST. How do you  feel about the clocks going forward during the Summer?

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