#24BlogsOfXmas is back!

So it’s Dec 1st (pinch and a punch for the first day of the month) and for the last two years I’ve attempted to do a #24BlogsOfXmas. The premise is simple. I pick a blog a day and share 3 posts throughout the day.

Last year I broke my phone on Day 2. (Really! I hear you say!) Putting paid to the remaining 23 days. Doh!

The first year, I’ve a funny feeling I also broke my phone, not quite as early. This year I’m determined to finish it.

Hopefully the chosen blogs get a few page views and you lovely readers get to read a post or two you haven’t before or even find a new blog to follow.

So without further ado a quick introduction to the star of day one.

Julie from Picking Up Toys

What can I say about Julie? She’s Welsh, a mum to three, loves a bit of chocolate and doesn’t have big Babylons. She is a good laugh and is always honest in her blogging about the good times and not so good times. 
Keep an eye on my Twitter during the day for her posts.

If you’re not already following her on social here are her links.




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