#24blogsofXmas – Day One


When I came up with the idea for #24blogsofXmas it was to share a little bit of blogging love over the festive period.

I was going to pick 24 blogs myself, I read loads! My phone has an aversion to commenting, so you might not realise I’ve been reading your blog. Chances are though I’ve read a post or two.

Then I decided there were probably other bloggers out there that would like to share the festive blog love. So I decided to get nominations from bloggers for most of the 24 days. There are a few I want to feature myself though so I’ve a few days set aside for them.

Before I tell you who my first featured blogger is I must say a big thank you to Lucy from Lucyathome for being the first to nominate and choosing such a great blogger for me to read.

The amazing Rhyming With Wine

I am blown away at how she writes such fantastic posts that also rhyme. I struggled to, probably still would, write a bloody Limerick at school and that only has five lines. I regularly worry I will wake Little Miss OMG with my giggles as I read her posts.
The First post was the one picked by Lucy, and is every parents nightmare come true. A visit to a chocolate shop with the little ones. I laughed as I read it, because, touch wood nothing like this has happened to me yet. But I could so see it happenening!

For her second post I stumbled across a gem of a rhyme that again, thankfully, I’ve not experienced. Well I’ve had my fair share of poonamis but none as bad as this! I had my own horrifying experience of poo that was covered in this post!

She is much more than just a great writer of rhyming posts. So I was secretly pleased to come across her #DaddyTag post. The comedy from both her and hubby in this post is brilliant. (Although I don’t think hubby was trying to be funny!) The written commentary is ace.

I hope you’ve enjoyed her posts as much as I did. There are many more just as good on her blog. Do give her a follow on Twitter and keep an eye out a bit later for today’s featured blogger.

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