20 Facts About Me

I was tagged by the lovely Madeleine at This Glorious Life in the 20 Facts About me tag.

It’s quite a simple premise, 20 facts about me that I haven’t shared yet! Easy if you don’t have a habit of sharing anything and everything about yourself like I do. 

Like the case of mistaken identity I covered in my latest post here. Or the guest post I wrote for the BIBs Best Writer 2016 Absolutely Prabulous, for her guest post series the #OopsFiles
So after much thinking I’ve managed to come up with 20 Unknown Facts About Me!

  1. As a teenager my front teeth enabled me to do a pretty good Mr Ed impression. My mother got me a retainer to straighten them out. It was easier to eat with it out, on a school trip to Scotland we climbed Ben Nevis and stopped for sandwiches at the summit. I left my retainer in a tissue at the top! Sorry if you came across it! My mother wasn’t best pleased, it cost her a small fortune!
  2. I am entitled to dual citizenship, Irish and British. Thanks to my birth mother writing a completely different surname for herself on my birth certificate I cannot prove this. So, even though I live in Ireland and my children are Irish I travel on a British passport. 
  3. I harboured dreams of being a male model when I was a teenager! Armani never called! 
  4. I worked as a holiday rep in Ipsos, Cofu for a Summer. I could fill a months worth of posts on the shenanigans from that summer! One of the best would probably be the night I got stranded in Kavos after seeing Tony Hadley perform in a night club!
  5. I’ve had 3 failed (thankfully) suicide attempts. 
  6. I hate talking on the phone. Ironic considering most of my working life was in Call Centers!
  7. I’ve met Sir Anthony Hopkins, Deborah Winger and Sir Richard Attenborough. Whilst a film extra on Shadowlands. I ended up on the cutting room floor! 
  8. I’ve driven a Vauxhall Vectra around the high speed bowl at Millbrook Proving ground. This was on a press day whilst working for Daimler Chrysler Fleet Services. 
  9. I once mistook Gary Moore for a criminal, thinking he was using a stolen Gold MasterCard! In my defence he was dressed scruffy and didn’t look like he could afford £400 on trainers.
  10. If I could live anywhere in the world it would be a small Welsh town by the sea. We had many a school trip to Wales as a child and I think that’s when I was happiest.
  11. I’m very clumsy. It amazes me I’ve not dropped any of the kids yet! I was forever breaking things as a child. Who am I kidding I’m still the same.
  12. I applied to join the paratroop regiment as a 19 year old. The recruiting officer, laughed and said if I jumped out of a plane I’d blow away. His advice to put on weight. Drink Guinness, eat fish and chips and don’t poo!!
  13. Over the years I’ve started about 4 blogs, this is the only one that has made it past 6 months!
  14. If I could run my own business it would be as a chef in a small café/restaurant. Probably in that small Welsh seaside town.
  15. I niavily believed that you could reason with Tiny Terrorists before I became a parent! Now I know that to succeed as a parent you have to be part dictator, part agony aunt, part psychologist and part Teddy Bear!
  16. I used to creep downstairs Christmas morning and play with my toys then sneak back to bed and wait to be called, I’d then act surprised when I saw all the toys. Not asked my Mother if she knew it was an act!
  17. I’ve been to the States about 15 times and have never been to Disney World!! 
  18. If I could work with any brand in the world it would be Samsung. I love my technology but since kids can’t afford it.
  19. Since Buddy was born nearly 8 years ago I’ve not spent one night away from the kids. 
  20. If I was given the chance to change anything from my past I wouldn’t change a thing. Strange maybe, as I was abandoned by my mother, in an Orphanage run by Nuns, adopted and lived with Mental Health issues. If I did though I wouldn’t have the kids who are my reason for getting up each day.

    Phew that was harder than I thought. If they want to join in I tag:

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    Can’t wait to read to read yours. 

    2 thoughts on “20 Facts About Me”

    1. You’ve certainly had an interesting past checkered with real highs and lows. I’m glad your suicide attempts were failed ones. 😔 It sounds as though you’re a great dad yourself and who knows, maybe your dream to live in Wales will come true sooner than you think?

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